Frequently Asked Questions

You are not required to tip a house cleaner, but it is considered ethical to give a tip if you are pleased with the service.

The hourly cost for housekeepers can differ significantly depending on their expertise and area. This will also be affected by the agency you are getting them from and the holidays.

A basic house cleaning typically includes dusting, vacuuming or sweeping, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Additional services such as laundry or organizing may be available for an extra fee.

It is essential to communicate your particular cleaning needs and preferences to your cleaner. This can include tasks like cleaning certain areas or rooms, choice of cleaning products or paying attention to specific cleaning chores.

The house cleaning frequency can differ between individuals, some people like to clean their home only once per week, while others choose once a week or monthly for their cleaning schedule.

A standard clean is a standard cleaning service which maintains the cleanliness of your home while a deep clean is more thorough cleaning that is less frequent and focuses on areas that might have been overlooked during routine cleaning.

Cleaning companies typically don’t offer services like dishes, laundry or organization. So it is best to ask your cleaning service provider if they offer these services, or communicate with them if you want cleaners that can offer these services, as they might be able to find the right kind of cleaners once they know your needs.

The amount of time needed for a thorough cleaning of a home can differ depending on the property’s size as well as how thorough the cleaning is. In general, it could take between four and six hours to do a complete cleaning of the size of a two-story sq.ft home.

Before the day of the deep cleaning, you can go ahead and tidy up or declutter the house. Doing this beforehand will allow the cleaners to do a better job. This is particularly important if there are specific areas of your house that are not meant to be accessed by the cleaners or you have sensitive equipment that you don’t want them to touch.

It is possible to complete a thorough cleaning of your home within a single day, based upon the dimensions of the home and the quantity of cleaning supplies that are available.

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